• High Deductible Health Insurance and Health Savings Accounts

    health savings account clinton tn oakridge tn knoxville tn HSA high deductible insurance

    High Deductible Health Insurance and Health Savings Accounts Do you currently have high deductible health insurance?  Because of Obamacare, many businesses are only offering high deductible policies to their employees.  More young healthy individuals who didn’t have health insurance in the past are getting high deductible policies.  The trend now is even for the wealthy to get […]

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  • Consider E-commerce

    Dixon Accounting offers e-commerce solutions with website design, shopping cart setup, google marketplace, amazon, ebay. Located Clinton tn Knoxville Oakridge

    Consider E-commerce Dixon Accounting is now offering E-commerce Solutions Consider selling your products online.  It can feel like a risk to make the leap and have a website built for e-commerce but I think you will find the return is worth the gamble.  If you already have a retail business, the extra investment is small. […]

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  • Automating Bookkeeping


    Automating Bookkeeping I recently helped redesign their website.  Sales have increased due to the new look and bookkeeping expenses have gone down.  By automating bookkeeping, sales automatically upload into accounting software.  Now they have reports right at their fingertips.  Businesses don’t realize how valuable their own information is.  Knowing the bottom line is necessary […]

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  • It’s Tax Time

    business startup accounting clinton tn

    It’s Tax Time Are you prepared for taxes this year?  Here are some of the most overlooked tax deductions that I see: 1.  State Sales Tax – If you itemize your deductions, you can deduct sales tax.  You have the option of using the IRS chart to calculate the deduction or keep track of receipts and write-off the actual […]

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