Automating Bookkeeping

I recently helped redesign their website.  Sales have increased due to the new look and bookkeeping expenses have gone down.  By automating bookkeeping, sales automatically upload into accounting software.  Now they have reports right at their fingertips.  Businesses don’t realize how valuable their own information is.  Knowing the bottom line is necessary in all businesses.  Since their data entry has been reduced, that time has been shifted to focus more on inventory management and increasing profit margins.

Ways your business can automate a non E-commerce business:

  • Pay bills online.  Reduce the time it takes to write out a check and mail it.
  • Automate your loan and checking account transactions to go straight into accounting software.  Most banks offer this and it reduces entry time.
  • Invest in Scanner software.  If you have a retail business and your suppliers have bar codes, invest in a $60 scanner to reduce data entry.

It is amazing just how much automation is available and how much time it could save your company.

Check out the Victory Only site I helped with: